We Knew They Were Corrupt — But We Never Suspected They Had A Pedophile Past?!

The worst rumors about Hillary Clinton are turning out to be true. And we have the evidence this time.

We’ve all known that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted women. His list of victims is a mile long, and there’s probably dozens more that never came forward.

And if it weren’t for the intervention and legal intimidation of Hillary, a lot more of those cases would have come to light. And come to court.

But even all those rumors weren’t the worst rumors floating around. No, the worst ones involved children.

And it’s those that are now being substantiated.

Yes, I’m Right reports:

We’d all like to believe that, for the most part, those in power are decent and trustworthy.

Unfortunately, InfoWars Paul Joseph Watson is here to blow that theory out of the water. He’s collecting the facts of what are turning out to be a very disturbing case.

Watson’s video is here. Word of warning – it’s not for the faint of heart.

Watson outlines the career and fall of this man:

His name is Jeffrey Epstein, and he’s known for two things – one, being a close personal friend of the Clinton’s, and two, being a pedophile.

Not an ‘alleged’ pedophile, mind you – a convicted, admitted, and confessed pedophile. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind. He’s admitted to it in court.

Watson pieces together the friendship between Epstein and the Clintons in his video. And they’re not small pieces – Bill Clinton took dozens of trips with Epstein on his private jet. At least five of those were without Secret Service protection.

Which, if you know anything about Secret Service protection, is really hard to do. And besides – you really think they haven’t seen a president have an affair before?

They all have. So there’s no reason to ditch them unless you’re really doing something you don’t want them seeing.

It gets worse.

This is admitted, confessed, and convicted pedophile Epstein’s private island. It has a nickname – two, actually. Watson calls it “Orgy Island.” But I’ve also heard “Sex Slave Island” myself. Either choice is bad.

Well, you know those five private non-Secret Service-having trips? They were to this island.

We all knew Hillary Clinton was corrupt. But she covered for Bill when this was going on. Even I didn’t think she was this bad.

Now, more than ever, it’s clear that Trump should make sure she’s behind bars.

And with her husband.

Source: YesImRight

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