CAUGHT! Guess Who Was Just Convicted Of Massive Immigration Fraud!?

As President Trump works to fix our immigration challenges, we learn daily of people who undermine him.

Illegal immigration is big business. Millions and I mean millions, of people from Mexico and South American want to enter our country. Our immigration process, by design, is slow and probing. Most people don’t want to wait.

So criminal organizations smuggle people into our country for big cash. Why do you think the drug cartels work so hard to enter the U.S.? It’s not just to get their drugs in. They exploit families who want to enter the United States.

Many of these illegals are subjected to dangerous conditions. They are forced to hand over any money they possess. And when they do enter the U.S., they are often slaves, having to work off their debt to the cartel.

But the cartels are only the beginning of the story. Believe it or not, actual Americans have been abusing this situation. Often we learn of people smuggling illegals, or aiding them once they get here.

At least for two of these Americans, they are getting what they deserve.

From Daily Caller:

A federal grand jury Wednesday sentenced two Florida residents guilty of fraud charges related to immigration applicants.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) aided in a probe that led to U.S. District Judge Charlene E. Honeywell sentencing Rosa Cingari and Domenico Cingari to 12 years 7 months and 8 years 1 month, respectively, in federal prison for conspiracy, making false statements in immigration applications and petitions and mail fraud…

Evidence offered at the Cingaris’ trial showed they owned and operated an accounting company out of their Lakeland property and helped illegal aliens in getting Florida drivers licenses by filing fraudulent immigration documents…

“Immigration fraud subverts the orderly process of citizenship and compromises the security of our homeland,” said Ivan J. Arvelo, acting special agent in charge of HSI Tampa. “HSI will move aggressively to investigate those who corrupt the integrity of our nation’s immigration system.”

You wonder why the election was so close in Florida? It’s because large groups of illegals were able to vote, thanks to people like the Cingari’s. They helped illegal immigrants get driver’s licenses, which allows them to get work, buy property (like vehicles) and even vote.

Not only was this couple breaking the law, but they were profiting off of illegal immigration. They benefited from a problem that endangers citizens and robs them of jobs.

The jail time also includes the forfeiture of their property in Lakeland, FL as well as a hefty $740,880 fine. But will it undo the damage they’ve done to this country? Not by a long shot.

Source: Daily Caller

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