Look Who Was Caught Meeting With The Russians? And It Wasn’t Trump!

Perhaps one of the biggest crimes against our democracy has been the so-called Russian hacking scandal.

In order to ignore the realities of why Hillary lost the election, democrats have invented this fantasy that Russia undermined the election, with compliance from Trump’s campaign.

Democrats in D.C. have been pushing this fake news for months, hoping they will turn this smoke into a fire. Yet there has been zero credible evidence to suggest that Trump was working with Russia on any level; in fact, there has been very little to prove Russia was doing anything at all.

The real facts were that some of the Clinton campaign emails were released by Wikileaks. Those may have played some part in how people voted. We still don’t know with certainty who leaked the emails; it could have been Russia, it could have been anyone. That’s a far cry from this conspiracy the liberals have cooked up.

In recent months they have tried to connect some of Trump’s top brass with the made up scandal, suggesting innocent meetings between Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn, and others with Russian leaders was evidence of a plot.

What these hypocrites refuse to acknowledge is that communicating with Russia is a regular part of the job for many government officials.

Including, as it turns out, many many democrats.

From Consjournal:

[Sessions’] conversations with the Russian ambassador were when he was a member of the Armed Services Committee, according to his spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores.

The ACLU and both minority leaders of congress are calling for investigations and resignations BUT there are AT LEAST 30 Democrat senators who’ve spoken with Russian ambassadors. Where’s the outrage about this?

Any senator will tell you that meeting with foreign leaders is a regular part of the job. In fact many congressmen are members of committees that negotiate and work with Russian and other leaders on ongoing projects and deals.

The democrats know this; they do it all the time. Yet they were conveniently forgetful of this obvious fact when they were calling for the heads of Trump’s people. And so was the media.

We all know why Hillary lost and it had little to do with Russia. The American people were sick of the toxic policies of liberals and the failed agenda of Obama. Plus they were energized by the promises of a man who vowed to make American great again.

Until democrats acknowledge why they are failing so much, they will never recover.

Source: Consjournal

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