After This Activist’s Shocking Death, Conservatives Across The Nation Mourn Her Loss

A chapter has closed in the story of the great evil of our day. It’s an evil that hurts minorities, women, and children.

The Left has yet to protest.

Norma McCorvey passed away on February 18th.And if you don’t recognize the name, it’s because she is famous for a separate name, one she used in court in the 70s – Jane Roe. The very Roe of Roe vs. Wade, the case that made abortion legal in the United States.

We all know what happened after that – abortion clinics rose up overnight. The Left rabidly defended every way to kill a child in the womb, no matter how brutal, no matter how disgusting.

But Norma, as it turns out, changed her mind. From the Washington Examiner:

“McCorvey, then a mother of two, never ended up having an abortion. She gave birth to the baby in question, her daughter Melissa and later gave her up for adoption.

In the years since the Supreme Court case, McCorvey claimed that, unlike what was said in the suit, her pregnancy was not due to rape.

In 1995 McCorvey declared herself to be against abortion. She later pledged to fight the abortion industry, calling it a ‘lie.’ She said she had ‘dedicated’ the rest of her life to ‘undoing the law that bears my name.'”

If you haven’t heard that side of the story, you’re not alone. Most people haven’t. The fascist liberal mainstream media does a good job of hiding those inconvenient facts.

And with McCorvey dead, it will be even easier to do just that. We’d best remember what really happened – she was never raped, and she never killed her child. And she remained pro-life until the end of her days.

But the way the Left rabidly defends the right to infanticide, you’d think McCovey was a clear case of need. She was not.

President Trump has vowed to appoint a supreme court justice who protects the rights of the unborn. Despite the predictable, tired, and hypocritical opposition he’s getting, it looks like the pro-life movement will get just what it needs in Neil Gorsuch. It’s a victory worth celebrating.

But it’s worth a moment of sadness to mourn the loss of the greatest witness to the greatest lie ever told – Norma McCorvey, whose honesty at the end of her life powerfully destroys the anti-life agenda of the Left.

Source: Washington Examiner

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