Boom: Obama Unleashes One Final Assault On Trump…It’s Over!

Sometimes, the best advice you can give a fool is this: just stop talking. In related news, Obama had his last press conference.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably stopped watching Obama’s long-winded and self-promoting ‘I’m so great’ speeches, given in front of a group of reporters held hostage in a cramped White House press room. There’s only so much idiocy you can hear before you start to question your own sanity. There are, however, moments so absurd and laughable that you have to take notice, even if it means you’re forced to pay attention to a blathering liberal. And yesterday had one of those moments: Barack Obama tried to give Donald Trump advice.

Trump, let’s be clear, doesn’t need advice: he got where he is in American politics today by ignoring advice, quite frankly. Tips from the worst president in modern history are not likely to be heeded. But that didn’t occur to Barack Obama, whose self-absorption and arrogance prevented him from understanding that neither Trump, nor anyone else of serious mental ability, even cared.

The AP published portions of the hack conference, and Obama’s advice almost seemed like a highlight reel of Trump’s pre-inauguration accomplishments.

On challenging old political wisdom?  Trump was scornfully told he must “understand that there are going to be consequences, and actions typically create reactions.” Really, Barry? Trump already saved hundreds of thousands of American jobs with just a few tweets. I’d say he understands that very well.

On moving the press to a larger room, and out of the cramped quarters in the White House? “Having you in this building has made this place work better.” Well, Barack, given your unprecedented persecution of journalists in general during your terms, I’d say that’s probably right – just so long as you meant ‘having you in this building has made this place work better, for me. When it came to keeping my secrets.’ Only a truly arrogant man would suggest that a move to make journalists more comfortable – and to accommodate more of them – was a move that would actually harm the press.

But the gem of the day was a quote meant for the press: “‘You’re not supposed to be sycophants, you’re supposed to be skeptics,’ Obama said to the reporters he has often criticized for hyping scandals and hopscotching from story to story too quickly.” I…I just can’t, anymore.

Considering how gleefully Obama has welcomed a press who reports anything he wants and asks, that last one is a doozy. Reporters have been nothing but sycophants to Obama, and nothing but attack dogs to Trump.

Yet Trump still won. Obama, you can respectfully take your advice, and shove it.

Source: Associated Press

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