Hilarious: Look Who Trump Is Evicting From The White House…Liberals Go Into Meltdown Mode!

Donald Trump is on track to become the most transparent and honest president in history.

His plan to make it happen? Turning turning up the spotlight – on himself.

Democrats and mainstream media aren’t very good at digging deep into anything or anyone they’ve decided to love, so this idea may be completely foreign to them – but the whole point of having a free press is to make sure that our elected leaders don’t become corrupt tyrants.

Obama and Hillary, and the way they evaded law enforcement and the FBI like slippery fish, are proof that sometimes the system doesn’t work.

Trump knows how to fix it. Like most things, I guess. And the precedent he’s about to set will probably infuriate future Democratic presidents.

The Washington Post is reporting that Trump’s team is getting ready to move White House press conferences from the tiny briefing room to a much larger space nearby. That space will allow for more reporters, which equals mo

re scrutiny, more accountability, and more transparency.

Also, it’s much more comfortable. Even reporters need to relax, after all.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus put it simply: “You can fit four times the amount of people in the press conference, allowing more press, more coverage from all over the country. Some of this is getting way out of whack, and I think people should be encouraged that we have so many people who want to participate.”

Priebus hit one thing on the head that should be highlighted, underlined, boldfaced, and placed squarely in front of every idiot media talking head that whined and cried about possible Trump ‘corruption:’ more reporters want to cover Trump, and that is why space is being made for them. And people don’t want to cover an administration if they don’t think they’ll be able to do their jobs.

This move, in short, is direct and positive proof and evidence that journalists everywhere know that Trump is on the up-and-up. And, unlike Obama or Hillary, they actually want to cover his administration. At least they know they’ll be accommodated, rather than stonewalled or ignored.

One thing that’s worth noting here – this report is coming from the Washington Post, of all places, a newspaper that’s been notoriously anti-Trump in the past. You have to appreciate the irony – an anti-Trump paper is being forced to report that journalists across the USA are excited to work in a new and transparent Trump administration, and there’s so many of them that Trump now has to move press conferences to a much bigger room.

Eat your words, Post. But you’re welcome to sit in the larger space.

Source: Washington Post

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