Wow: Trump Drops Stunning New Executive Order Backing The Blue…Officers Everywhere Are Cheering!

During the campaign, Donald Trump promised to be a law and order president.

For eight years we had to watch our brave men and women in law enforcement belittled, disregarded, and outright targeted for destruction.

Barack Obama frequently sided with criminals because of their race, irresponsibly attacking police officers who put their lives on the line to protect Americans.

It has created an environment where criminals thrive and the people tasked with keeping us safe are handicapped or openly defied.

The rise of Black Lives Matter is proof of this. The entire organization is about destroying police forces across American.

Those cities where BLM thrives are marked with rising crime and murders, especially Chicago.

But now that we have a law and order president in the White House, that’s all about to change.

From NY Post:

President Trump signed three executive actions Thursday aimed at eliminating criminal cartels, reducing violent crime and protecting police officers from violence.

“First, I’m directing Department of Justice and Homeland Security to undertake all necessary and lawful action to break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth and other people, many other people,” Trump said as he signed the action in the Oval Office Thursday…

Trump signed the actions moments after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as attorney general in a brief ceremony.

The actions help define administration policy and priorities, and create a task force to figure out ways to reduce crime across the nation.

The shocking rise of violent crime across this country is unacceptable. Police officers put their lives on the line to defend citizens, only to lack the support of government leaders locally and in Washington.

To make matters worse, social justice crusader Barack Obama directed the Justice Department not to crack down on crime, but to prioritize unimportant issues like gender equality or gay rights.

Are those issues more important than the children being gunned down by drug dealers? Should we needle about transgender rights when drug cartels are running rampant back and forth across the border?

Now that we have a new President in office, those kinds of warped priorities are coming to an end. We have an Attorney General and DOJ who will do their job to keep America safe and drive out the toxic influence of drug cartels.

Source: NY Post


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