Top Obama Official Just Shocked Washington By Volunteering To Testify

In the midst of all the hard work the Trump White House is doing, we have to deal with bogus investigations.

The FBI and Congress are heading their own investigations into the Russia hacking controversy. Although it’s been over six months, no evidence has been found to prove anything.

What we have learned, though, is that Obama allies were caught up to no good. It looks like one of those allies is being forced to face the music.

From Conservative Tribune:

On Thursday night, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice announced that she will testify before the House Intelligence Committee in July as part of its investigation into the Trump/Russia 2016 election hacking investigation.

National Security Adviser Susan Rice on balancing U.S.-China relations ...

Her agreement to testify sent shockwaves throughout the political world. One person with close ties to Rice, however, seemed to ignore it altogether. Former President Barack Obama will continue to enjoy his (very lengthy) vacation, ABC News reported…

CNN noted that Rice’s testimony will be behind closed doors, so we may never actually find out what she says to the committee, or more importantly, what she doesn’t say…

Fox News noted that the exact date of the testimony is not known yet. For her part, Rice has denied that she ever did anything wrong. She admitted that she requested the identity of individuals on occasion, but denied she ever leaked them to the press.

It came out that Susan Rice had illegally leaked names to the press, in the hopes of hurting Trump’s administration.

Her sudden decision to testify amounts more to her desire not to face penalties for her actions. No doubt she struck a deal with Congress that she would share what she knows, on the condition that she faces no charges.

Much of the drama spewing out over this Russia nothing-burger started as a result of Rice’s actions. It’s probably safe to say that although she will appear before the committee, she will divulge little that will harm herself or her former boss.

But will we learn anything? That remains to be seen.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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