What?! Look Who Just Opened The First Drive-Thru Where You Can Buy…

I’ve seen some strange state laws governing alcohol sales, but nothing quite like this.

When Prohibition was repealed in the US some 85 years ago, it left a wide variety of different state laws across the country. A lot of those laws are still in place, and it makes a big difference in alcohol sales.

You can get a daiquiri at a drive-thru in Louisiana, and keep it in your car. But try doing that in Texas, and expect the cops to haul you away.

Those drive-thru liquor stores are becoming more popular, though. And, in keeping with that trend, Colorado just opened up a drive-thru of its own.

Except it’s not selling booze. It’s selling weed.

From the Libertarian Republic:

The first business in the nation to offer legal marijuana at a drive-thru window [opened] Thursday in Colorado on the unofficial cannabis holiday 4/20.

(If you’re in the dark about 4/20, it’s the unofficial slang for marijuana consumption. There’s still competing stories about where the term came from.)

The business, called Tumbleweed Express, turned a rundown building previously used for car washes into a drive-thru marijuana store in Parachute, a town in western Colorado.

Officials in Parachute originally granted a license to the business in February. The store had planned to open in March but later pushed the grand opening to coincide with April 20, the annual marijuana holiday celebrated by smokers.

Apparently, residents of Parachute aren’t quite happy about the drive-thru. A lot of the townspeople didn’t want weed legal at all.

But when roughly a third of your tax revenue comes from marijuana sales, well, it’s hard to take those complaints too seriously.

Parachute previously banned marijuana businesses in their community despite the liberal outlook on weed in the state. The marijuana industry in Colorado sold a record amount of weed in 2016, eclipsing $1 billion in sales for the first time. Officials repealed the ban in June 2015 to the ire of some.

Roughly 30 percent of Parachute’s sales tax revenue in 2016 came from legal marijuana sales.

Mind you, smoking weed in your car is still very, very illegal. And you can expect the cops to come get you for that.

But if you’re buying, drive right on through.

Source: Libertarian Republic

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