Tax Reform Is Here! Trump Creates Staggering $1.7 Million…

You know what’s more deadly for politicians than scandals?

It’s not failure, surprisingly. You can fail at a lot of things and still be successful in the public eye. And it’s not terrorism – so long as you fight back, your approval numbers don’t sink.

No, it’s much simpler than that. It’s two things – jobs, and money. And Trump is great at making both.

And with the new GOP tax plan, he’s doing both at the same time.

The Free Beacon dropped a bombshell today:

The House Republican tax reform plan would create 1.7 million jobs and increase after-tax incomes on average by 8.7 percent, according to a report from the Tax Foundation.

Now, lest you think the Tax Foundation is some sort of ultra-conservative group, it’s not. It’s actually been around since 1937. These guys have been studying taxes and giving advice for most of modern American history.

And they are very clear about this: Trump’s plan will save Americans a whole lot of money, and create a whole lot of jobs.

On a national level, the analysis found that the plan would create 1,687,000 new full-time jobs and increase the after-tax incomes of median households by $4,917.

The increase in jobs and income growth are due to the plan’s ability to increase productivity and economic growth as well as income tax cuts.

Trump’s plan will spread those jobs pretty evenly around the US, too. Most other plans have not – all the new jobs are clustered in one place. Not this time:

The analysis finds that as a result of the plan, 9,154 new jobs would be created in Washington, D.C., and incomes for households in the area would rise by $6,096.

California would see the most job gains, with the plan adding 191,767 full-time jobs, followed by Texas with 140,374 jobs, and New York with 109,733 jobs. The state-by-state run down of jobs and income growth can be seen here.

Tax reform isn’t as gripping as fighting terrorism. It’s not as exciting as ridding the country of criminal aliens. But it’s probably the most important work Trump is doing right now.

After all, there’s no point in defending a free and prosperous nation if it’s no longer free and prosperous. And tax reform, and new jobs, and more money, will make sure we stay free and prosperous.

This, folks, is what happens when you elect a businessman president.

Source: Free Beacon

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