Terrifying: Major World Power’s Surveillance Plane Just Soared Over The Pentagon

The most important warning that Donald Trump ever gave the US was this: you’ve got bad politicians making bad deals for your country. And one of those deals is letting spies fly directly over us.

Fact is, of all the ways in which Trump promised to renegotiate for the United States, the best way might be renegotiating a treaty. It’s meant to make the US and other world powers friendlier, but it comes at the expense of one thing: secrecy.

Because this treaty allows other countries to fly their spy planes right over our nation. Wherever they want.

It’s why, when a spy plane flew right over the Pentagon, DC, and everything else important nearby, no one in government batted an eye when they learned where the plane came from:


A Tupolev Tu-154 stands on the tarmac.

And apparently, this is all legal. But hardly wise.

MSN reports:

A Russian surveillance plane soared through secure airspace over Washington on Wednesday, presumably collecting intelligence as it traveled near the Pentagon, the Capitol and other government buildings, two U.S. officials said.

The Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft made the flight through the Treaty on Open Skies, which Russia, the United States and 32 other nations have signed.

The treaty established criteria under which countries can make unarmed observation flights over the soil of other treaty members in an effort to promote transparency and international arms control efforts.

In short, a treaty with 34 countries allows hostile superpowers to fly their spy planes over US soil. None of us should be comfortable with this.

Because, while ’34 countries’ seems like a good deal – we get info on many other countries in exchange for showing other countries the top of the Pentagon – none of those other countries are worth worrying about. Only Russia.

We’re basically sharing military secrets with Russia, and getting in exchange the military secrets of countries we’ll never go to war with, and never need to worry about.

And that is a bad deal. And it doesn’t end there.

The flight is expected to be followed by another one Wednesday evening that flies over President Trump’s property in Bedminster, N.J., where he is vacationing.

There is one consolation:

U.S. airmen are aboard the Russian jet observing when an Open Skies flight occurs.

Which means, at the very least, that we have a guarantee that Russia won’t shoot us.

But it hardly tells us what they’re spying on, and what they’re reporting back to the Motherland.

Source: MSN

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