Boom — He Just Came Up With The Perfect Punishment For Citizens Who Join ISIS

One of the most shocking realities of terrorism is how they recruit.

Often, we learn of citizens of Western nations leaving their homeland to join ISIS or other networks.

They betray the land that raised them, that provided them with freedom and opportunity, in order to kill innocent people. It’s terrible and unacceptable. And one country has decided, it’s personal.

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From Conservative Tribune:

France might not have a reputation as a warlike nation, but it’s pursuing a stunning wartime strategy that reportedly includes deliberately targeting and killing those of its own citizens who have foolishly chosen to travel to Iraq to fight for the Islamic State group…

“I say to all the fighters who join (the Islamic State group) and who travel overseas to wage war: Waging war means taking risks,” French government spokesman Christophe Castaner said in a statement Wednesday. “They are responsible for those risks…”

French special forces have chosen to avoid spilling blood themselves — which might admittedly spur legal problems for the nation — by instead recruiting Iraqi fighters to complete the dirty, but necessary, work for them.

They have thus far provided Iraqi security forces with the names and details of at least 30 French citizens, though the the U.K. Telegraph noted in a report last year that “an estimated 1,200 people have traveled from France” to fight for the terror group.

France isn’t the only country singling out traitors. In 2011, a CIA drone killed Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen and Al-Qaeda recruiter.

But it gets even deadlier. A French official told The Wall Street Journal that any French militants caught alive and brought into custody have nothing but death awaiting them.

“If anyone is alive, in jail, because they surrendered, they will be executed in Iraq for joining Islamic State,” he said. “And France won’t intervene. It’s a convenient solution.”

With all the evil heaped on us by ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists, having your own citizens betray you makes it even worse. They say the lowest circle of hell is reserved for traitors. With France’s new policy, those terrorists are soon to find out.

It’s a strong stance to take, but strong measures are required. Islamic terrorists do not show mercy or compassion on the many innocent lives they take. They do not offer kindness to the people they behead or the children they blow up.

Their punishment should be equally fitting.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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