EXPOSED: Isis Messages Intercepted! Their Next Big Target Is…

Again, I say that ISIS must be destroyed. And ideally before they hit their next target.

The evil and horror of the Islamic Caliphate needs little introduction here —mass rape, enslavement, mass killing, and so forth. Like I said, ISIS must be destroyed.

But even if we didn’t care one bit about the victims of ISIS in the Mideast, this problem won’t just go away. Because the group itself has been attacking America and Europe for years. And, as it happens, we have their new target.

All roads, it seems, lead to Rome.

Breitbart reports:

In an encrypted chat, Islamic State sympathizers and militants continue to celebrate Monday night’s deadly massacre at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. The jihadists and their supporters vowed to continue the onslaught against the West, including attacks against the U.S., France and Rome.

Rome, mind you, is going to be mentioned more than once.

Breitbart’s reporters came across the information in a closed chat room. It’s the kind the internet uses to hide people’s true identities, whenever bad people want to discuss bad things.

But these chat rooms aren’t immune to surveillance – and Breitbart’s reporters have a full transcript of the jihadists’ conversation.

[An] account using the name “Continuing to Grow,” in reference to IS’s attempted expansion, wrote, “Thank Allah the God of the world who granted the desire of the Mujahedeen and humiliated the infidels. … With the help of Allah, we will conquer Rome and will we pronounce there the call (to prayer): Allah is great. Western infidel countries will not have the luxury of security.”

Rome, again. And, as it turns out, Rome has a special significance for ISIS jihadists. The Conservative Tribune explains:

Rome has been a target of the Islamic State terror group from the beginning. In 2014, the group’s self-proclaimed leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, told his followers, “This is my advice to you – if you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world.”

It makes sense, to be honest. Rome was the empire that conquered the world. All major empires in history have held up Rome as an example. They’ve tried to outdo Rome’s conquests.

It’s one thing to conquer a territory. It’s another to conquer the symbol of secular world domination.

ISIS must be destroyed.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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