Paul Ryan Can’t Believe What Democrats Are Targeting Him For Now

Democrats lie. They lie about Russia, about Trump’s words, and about his supporters. It’s how they stay in office.

But the really strange thing is that, this time, the Democrats are telling the truth.

Because the ‘someone’ in this case? Paul Ryan. And the ‘lies’ the Dems are pushing?

That Paul Ryan isn’t very good at his job.

Which is very, very true.

The Dems are targeting Paul Ryan in attack ads to try to win back control of the House. It might be the first time in history they have to tell the truth for it to work

Breitbart reports:

House Democrats are training their sights on Paul Ryan as part of their strategy to claw back seats in the GOP-packed House of Representatives in 2018 — a possible acceptance of President Trump’s popularity in vital white working-class districts.

Democratic campaign bodies have Ryan in their targets because his standing is low among voters in conservative districts with whom President Trump is popular.

Leave it to Dems to finally figure out the obvious – yes, Ryan is unpopular. But if they thought about why for a moment, they might hit a snag. Because Ryan is hated by conservatives for acting like a Democrat.

Build the Wall? Dems don’t want to; neither does Ryan. Repeal and replace? Nope.

If you think that voters are going to elect a Democrat in place of a guy just trying to be a Democrat…well, good luck.

On the other hand, the whole situation is likely making Ryan sweat. And that couldn’t make me happier.

It also shows that the Dems have been paying attention. Because attacking Paul Ryan to get at Republicans wasn’t exactly their idea.

The strategy represents a mirror of the House Republican strategy in 2010, which successfully demonized then-House Speaker Pelosi — using her as an unpopular face for House Democrats. That midterm election saw the Democrats lose control of the House.

Democratic leadership has learned from that experience, and now plans to use that tactic against an isolated Ryan — who has far from united support.

That last line is key. This strategy only works if the person you’re attacking is well-liked by everyone else in the group.

Paul Ryan is not well-liked. The Dems are doomed to fail.

But humiliating Ryan is the best kind of failure I can think of.

Source: Breitbart

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