You’ll Never Guess Where Nearly 100 New Harassment Cases Were Just Found, And It’s Not In D.C.

It turns out the US government is full of men who constantly harass, threaten, and grope women. Especially Democrats. None of us are surprised.

What did surprise us, though, was just how far it had spread.

Sexual harassment in a place like Congress, frankly, shouldn’t be that surprising. It’s about power, and lording that power over those weaker than you. And no one loves power more than legislation-hungry liberals in DC. More and more allegations are to be expected with a group of people like that.

But there’s some areas where the news really is surprising.

Serial harassers in DC? Sure. Serial harassers in the US Forest Service?

That one wouldn’t have made my top 10 guesses.

The Daily Caller reports:

After decades of denying it, the U.S. Forest Service has finally acknowledged it has systemic problems with sexual harassment.

“The agency has carefully reviewed and resolved over 400 cases of alleged harassment. Of the 400 cases, Forest Service has substantiated 83, including 1 sexual assault, 34 cases of sexual harassment, and 51 [cases of] other, non-sexual harassment.”

20 percent of your workforce is an awful lot. It’s hard to argue that no one saw something, heard something, or knew something when one in five of your co-workers is a culprit.

Like most of you, though, I worry most about the one case of sexual assault. Because, see, the Forest Service had to review the case – which means the first time it was filed, it didn’t get anywhere.

Actually, it was much worse than that.

[Firefighter Erinn Whitmer] was raped by a superior while working at the San Bernardino National Forest, and then even after reporting the rape, was forced to report to her rapist while working on a fire.

After complaining to management about the culture and other waste, fraud, she was sent a letter that suggested she was mentally unstable, took away her job and then her rehire rights.

Well done, Forest Service. Don’t just protect the evildoer – try to put the victim through as much trauma as possible before kicking her off her job.

Whitmer is one of dozens of women who started telling their stories to the Daily Caller three years ago. Back then, it was the only publication sounding the alarm.

(Read that again – the only group warning the country of sexual harassment was conservative. Let that sink in.)

They’re only now finally being heard.

Source: Daily Caller

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