Muslim Man Stands In The Street Blindfolded – What He Does Next Leaves The World In Shock

In the wake of the horrible attack in Manchester, UK, people are left with many questions.

We know that terrorism is not going away. And while people like Donald Trump are taking action, the liberal fools of the world ignore the issue.

They refuse to acknowledge the real source of terrorism—radical Islam. They seem more content with playing silly games.

Take this young man, for example.

From Daily Caller:

A blindfolded Muslim offered hugs to people in front of a memorial in Manchester, just days after a bombing killed 22 people and injured over 100.

Baktash Noori, a Muslim video blogger, stood next to a sign that said “I’m a Muslim & I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?” in St. Ann’s Square, Manchester, where people placed flowers memorializing the victims of the May 22 terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert, according to Al Jazeera.

“There’s always going to be a couple of idiots, anomalies, I guess you could call them,” Noori said. “I don’t want us as a community, as a religion or race to be judged incorrectly.”

Yet perhaps there are more than “a couple of idiots,” Noori. Considering many Muslims around the world support the kind of violent actions made against the West. Noori might be a nice, hug-giving guy, but even Muslims who have done similar stunts in the past have proven otherwise.

Noori’s experiment has been replicated in the past. Muslim teenager Yusf Pirot gave out hugs in Nottingham, UK, in November 2015.

Muslim convert Craig Wallace, who went by Muhammad Mujahid Islam online, posed with a similar sign in Westminster, asking if people trusted him “enough for a hug” in the fall of that same year.

A week later, he was arrested for threatening to bomb the house of British Tory MP Charlotte Leslie, who voted for airstrikes in Syria.

Yeah, hugs don’t seem to be the answer. That’s not a good track record. How about instead of handing out hugs, Noori and other Muslims denounce the radicalization that’s taking place within their communities?

More and more “peaceful” Muslims have turned against their countries in the name of jihad. While the U.K. government seems to be doing nothing to stop this, at least decent Muslims can speak up. If they confront and decry that kind of trend, perhaps fewer will turn to violence.

Or we can ignore the issue and keep hugging strangers. Yeah, I’m sure that will work.

Source: Daily Caller

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