You Won’t Believe What Government Employees Are Taking From Our Veterans Now

We’ve talked about the trouble in our VA system for a while now.

All too often our veterans are neglected and mistreated. They have trouble getting even the most basic healthcare, because of the corruption within VA hospitals.

Now we are learning that things have been much worse than we thought.

Image: VA's New Scandal: Drug Theft

From News Max:

A rising problem involving drug theft at Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers has led to an increase of investigations throughout the VA network.

The Associated Press reported the rate of opioid theft, missing prescriptions, and unauthorized drug use have all gone up since 2009. The culprits, according to government data, are staff members at hospitals such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

Some VA hospitals have gotten lax on their checks to make sure drug records match inventory, according to the AP. The data shows reported incidents of drug losses or theft at VA facilities skyrocketed from 272 in 2009 to nearly 3,000 in 2015. The active caseload numbers almost 100…

In Baltimore, for example, a former VA employee was found to have injected himself with fentanyl that was supposed to be given to patients in surgery. The employee told investigators he would refill the syringe with saline solution and inject the patient with that via the same needle — which at that point was contaminated with Hepatitis C, which the employee was carrying.

Simply appalling. This kind of horrendous treatment of our vets is taking place all over America. Our grandfathers, fathers, brothers, grandmothers, mothers, and sisters are being robbed and abused. All so that the people tasked with caring for them can get high.

This is only a drop in the bucket for the kind of scandals common in the VA. This agency has been neglected for years; it only got worse under President Obama. Doctors and staff have neglected veterans, denied them care, and now we know have been stealing their medicine.

If this outrages you, don’t be silent. Be sure to share this message to everyone you know. Let our leaders in Washington know we will not allow this kind of thing to go on any longer.

Our veterans deserve much better.

Source: News Max

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