Man Breaks Into Home To Steal Money, But The 3 Women There Teach Him How To Treat A Lady Instead

The truth about guns is something conservatives don’t often like to say out loud – simply having one is not enough.

Fact is, you have to be good at using it.

Having a gun is like having a car – it’s necessary, it can be fun, but it’s of no use to you if you don’t know how to drive. Or if you drive once a year. When you need to make a getaway, you might not have the necessary skills.

On the other hand, if you know how to use it, it makes all the difference in the world.

In related news, three brave South Carolina women proved they have the skills, and the smarts, to outdo any man who dares attack them.

Honestly, I almost feel sorry for the burglar – he’s clearly outmanned.


The Independent Journal Review reports:

Katrina Walker said she was awakened to the screams of her adult daughter the other night, and what transpired after that “was a game-changer.”

It became a life-and-death battle to get rid of a burglar.

Now, spoiler alert – the burglar will eventually run from the house. But only after being shot.

But it wasn’t just the gun that made him run – it was the fact that three capable women knew how to use it, weren’t afraid of using it, and weren’t afraid of fighting back. Even if they didn’t have the gun.

Even if, say, all they had was a bat. Which brings me first to the youngest daughter, who didn’t know that the oldest was getting the family gun:

“I go to get my bat, ‘cause he’s going to leave here hurt.”

Criminals, take note: don’t mess with Southern women.

But, bat and bravery aside, it’s the gun that makes him run.

My oldest daughter, Sharaia, she cocked her gun. He looked up, got scared and ran. I told her to start shooting him.

So she started shooting him in the hallway.

Once he got out the front door, she got him one more time. We came out, and he was gone.

When the criminal was finally found, he had been hit four times. That’s not as easy as it appears – it’s extremely difficult to hit a fleeing target with a handgun. Just ask any cop.

Arm yourself, and know your firearm. It might make all the difference in the world.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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