2 Men Try To Kidnap Little Boy From His Own Front Yard, But The Next Door Neighbor Has A Better Idea

If there’s one truth that liberals just cannot accept, it’s that your own individual safety isn’t completely secure unless you own, practice with, and carry a firearm. There’s just no substitute for guns and preparation.

Naturally, there’s dozens of stories across the nation that drive that point home. Getting attacked in a parking lot? Thank God the victim had a gun. Home invasion? Thank God the daughter had a gun.

But there’s one set of stories that even conservatives sometimes forget to tell, and they’re just as important. And they’re not when guns protect their owners.

They’re when guns protect everyone else around the owners.

Even kids. Even kidnapped kids.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Talk about a good guy with a gun.

A Good Samaritan was able to halt a kidnapping in progress by just flashing his concealed carry firearm earlier this month. This is why the Second Amendment is so important.

Our hero today is one Justin Pearson of Las Vegas. His special power? Flashing a legal and registered firearm.

No joke.

We heard this real loud noise outside,” Pearson [said]. “I opened up the door, and this big BMW goes flying by — 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. I dialed 911 immediately.”

It’s unclear what exactly the driver wanted – other than to get away from the authorities. Make whatever speculation you wish about getaway drivers here; all guesses are as good as any.

But, of course, any good getaway driver might need leverage from the cops.

So it’s not bad to have a hostage, if you can. Even if you find him on a lawn, belonging to a house you almost crash into.

Even if the hostage is 6 years old.

“‘Holy crap, he just took a child, and he’s trying to stuff him into the car!’” Pearson remembers telling the operator.

Let’s be clear about what’s happened – Jack Pearson witnesses a getaway almost crash into a residential home. The driver then tries to abduct a 6-year-old.

On Monday, Oct. 16, 2017, Justin Pearson, who is a concealed carry weapons permit holder, explains how he helped thwart a child kidnapping on his street in Las Vegas. Michael Quine Las Vegas Revie ...

That’s when Jack reveals his skills.

Pearson had a trump card — a pistol legally resting on his right hip.

“I lifted up my shirt and put my hand on my gun. ‘Hey, stop!’ I said, real loud. There was just enough of a delay for the kid to get out of the car. I know he saw the firearm.”

The kid got away. But here’s the kicker:

Police wouldn’t arrive for 17 minutes.

Guns work. There’s no way around the facts.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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