Major World Leaders Panicking About Where Kim Jong Un Has Been Since July 30th

By: Christopher Cummings

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has a very bad habit of doing one particular thing that should worry Americans everywhere – and he’s doing it right now.

To understand, consider Kim’s displays of force – each military test has been bigger and more expansive than the last. He’s trying to show just how far his missiles can reach.

He’s had several of these tests. And after each one – every time – he does this one thing:

He goes into hiding. No one sees or hears from him for several days. Which probably means he’s worried about a reprisal attack.

Well, Kim is in hiding. But he hasn’t conducted a test. Which leads me to wonder…

…is he planning an attack, and just hiding ahead of time?

The Conservative Tribune reports:

North Korea’s dictator has disappeared from the public.

The North Korean dictator has gone into hiding and hasn’t been seen in public since July 30, when he helped celebrate the launch of Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile.

What’s notable about this is that during the past two missile tests by North Korea, Kim Jong Un has gone into hiding in advance of the launch — presumably to protect against any strike against him. So, Kim’s being missing from the public eye could well mean some military action is planned.

Everything about this seems like cause for panic.

But don’t, just yet. Look at the details, and there’s another possible story. Because Kim’s been missing since July 30th. That’s over two weeks ago.

And if he really wanted to attack the US, he’d want the element of surprise. So he wouldn’t wait two weeks, especially after broadcasting his intentions by going into hiding.

Fact is, if we see Kim in hiding, we assume there’s a missile test – at least – if not something more threatening going on. If Kim were planning to hit the US with a missile, it’s possible that hiding is the last thing he’d want to do. It alerts us ahead of time.

So what is he doing by hiding for over two weeks?

My guess is, Trump.

Kim has been threatening half the world for a long time now. It looks like he finally got a taste of his own medicine.

And he went into hiding.

The rest of the world can call him crazy, but I’m still proud to have Donald Trump protecting me.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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