His Attempt To Lead America Was An Epic Failure, Now His Wife Is Under FBI Investigation

Democrats just can’t seem to stay away from FBI investigations. But this one surprised even me.

Not Hillary, of course – her investigations (plural) are already well-known. Pretty much anyone who has been associated with her is under investigation in one form or another. Hillary is probably the worst friend a Democrat can have right now.

And there’s plenty of others – Eric Holder, Terry McAuliffe, and about half the speakers at the DNC.

But Bernie Sanders was supposed to represent a movement away from all that corruption. You know, in addition to a movement towards more free stuff.

So news that his wife is under investigation? That’s huge.

The Daily Wire reports:

The wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders is being investigated by the FBI.

According to the news outlet Seven Days, Sanders’ wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, is under investigation for obtaining a loan in 2010 to purchase a piece of land…for Burlington College, which she was the president of from 2004 to 2011.

She has been accused of “inflating the number of fundraising commitments she had” in order to obtain the loan, as she had claimed that the college had $2.6 million in loans pledged; that number $676,000.

The Wire’s source, Seven Days, describes in detail how many of the people who pledged those loans are now being questioned by the FBI.

When [Ron Leavitt] returned home to his gated community, [he] found two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents waiting for him with plenty of questions about a $30,000 donation he had made to the school.

“It was a little strange,” he said of the unexpected visit.

Leavitt is one of five people formerly associated with Burlington College who have confirmed to Seven Days that they were contacted, interviewed and, in some cases, subpoenaed by federal authorities over the past 15 months.

Mind you, we did say ‘subpoenaed.’ And anything with a subpoena isn’t some smoke-and-mirrors political stunt. This is very serious.

The gist is this: Jane Sanders may have lied to a bank, or with a bank, in order to get a large piece of land for her college. She claimed she had enough donors to cover the loan. She did not.

And when that happened, the original owner of the land – the Burlington Catholic Church – lost a lot of money.

Because, under the loan conditions, Jane’s college still kept the land.

Nothing is certain yet. But it’s telling that even the most pure of the Democrats can’t keep his hands clean of the hint of corruption.

Or his wife’s hands.

Source: DailyWire

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