Revealed: The First Lady’s $150 Million Bombshell Exposed…Trump Is Furious!

Melania Trump is no stranger to insults. Especially now, given her husband’s new job, and the viciousness of the American liberal left.

She’s suffered in silence thus far, and proven to everyone that she’s got a level head.

But she’s just as tough as her husband, and as much of a fighter. And she’s about to prove it.

We’re all familiar with the record-breaking number of lies told about our current president, and the cloud of Fake News that the lying mainstream media continually hit him with.

Donald hasn’t yet acted on his promise to expand libel laws to stop this nonsense from ever happening again. But Melania has, and she’s moving forward with a vengeance.

I can’t wait to see it.

The Hill reports: “First lady Melania Trump has re-filed a $150 million libel lawsuit against the Daily Mail in New York.

Trump originally filed her suit against the Daily Mail and Maryland-based political blogger Webster Griffin Tarpley in September after they published allegations that she once worked for an escort service in the 1990s.

The Daily Mail retracted the story after she filed the lawsuit.”

Being called a hooker isn’t exactly something you forget. I hope the Daily Mail remembers that when they’re shelling out several million dollars for a failure to simply look something up.

Given the number of astounding insults and bad reporting that has come Melania’s way during the primaries and the general election, I’m surprised something like this didn’t happen long ago.

When the press is constantly taking shots at your children, and questioning your place of birth, and calling you an illegitimate first lady, at some point you’re going to snap.

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And if you snap to the tune of one hundred and fifty million dollars, well…can’t say I blame you.

The Daily Mail isn’t exactly a stranger to anti-Trump propaganda.

They’ve gone after others in his cabinet, too – Spicer, Conway, DeVos, Perry, and several others have been the targets of hit pieces.

It’s ‘journalism’ in the loosest sense of the word. And it’s undeniably shameful.

Still, all those others are seasoned politicians. Melania just asked to be left alone to raise Barron.

It’s telling that it was her, in the end, that rose up to fight back against the dishonest press.

Never count out a protective mother on a rampage.

Source: The Hill

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