Grandpa Decides Cop Standoff With Thug Has Lasted Long Enough, Takes The Law Into His Own Hands

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Untouchables. It’s the true story of FBI Agent Elliot Ness, who was tasked with enforcing the very unpopular prohibition laws in the 20s. And, of course, fighting the early mob, including Al Capone.

In the end, Ness would only get Capone on tax evasion. But it’s still quite a victory. And it’s won only after Capone realizes that Ness is just as ruthless and dedicated as he is…something Capone only sees after Ness hurls one of his henchmen off the roof of a ten-story building.

That might be why I like today’s story so much. It’s not every day you see that happen in miniature, and in real life.

In related news, an elderly man threw a suspect off the roof of his house this week.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Police in La Puente, California, received calls of a suspicious man following people in a neighborhood. But when officers arrived on the scene, the suspect got on top of a house and began jumping from rooftop to rooftop, leading to a nearly five-hour-long standoff.

Despite the efforts of the police officers and sheriff’s deputies, including a special crisis negotiator, the man refused to come down.

That is, until he reached the home of an 83-year-old man who “got tired” of the suspect’s game and decided to bring it to an end — by pushing the man off the one-story building by himself.

To be fair to the elderly bada**, there wasn’t any danger of the suspect dying from the fall. For one, it was a one-story house. And two, cops were waiting below to catch the suspect.

But those things aside, it’s not every day you see an octogenarian push a much younger person off a building.

The video is here (language alert):

It’s worth noting, too, that this happened in California. It’s the token Liberal Stupidity State.

And in this case, while I have nothing but praise for the officers involved…if your entire police force is replaced by one elderly man with a ladder and an attitude, it might be time to rethink those lib regulations you have over your officers.

Because, for the love of God…anyone could have just gone up there and got the suspect themselves.

Grandpa, however, was the only one with the proactive attitude.

He’s on my roof? Whatever it takes, he’s coming off.

I’m going on that roof. That sucker’s coming down.”

He wasn’t kidding.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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