WOW! Trump Just Crossed Political Lines To Do What Obama Couldn’t — He Cancels…

President Donald Trump has been acting presidential since the day he took office.

Not everyone has seen it – in fact, since the Mainstream Media has been ignoring it or distorting it, most Americans have only noticed the tweets, or media face-offs with reporters, or whatever irrelevant trouble Kelly-Anne Conway got herself into.

But for those of us paying attention, Trump’s behavior made perfect sense: when you’re running for president, do something crazy every now and again.

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It’s free publicity, and it gets people thinking about you. And when they’re thinking about you, it’s more likely that they’ll listen to your ideas.

And when you are president, do only a few crazy things at first, just to keep the media busy. Then stop them altogether. And that busy media, still looking for Crazy?

They’ll have to start looking for other things to report…like, perhaps, the new health care law. Or a new Executive Order on immigration.

You know, important stuff…things they ignored before.

Sound crazy? It’s not. And it’s definitely Trump’s strategy, and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

McClatchy reports:

…perhaps you too have noticed a decline of trivial Trump tweets, starting spats and news cycles many mornings.

Last week – are you sitting down? – Trump canceled a couple of media availabilities.

He turned down ESPN’s invitation to provide his own NCAA tournament brackets, a free PR ride on basketball fever annually seized by President Barack Obama.

Such behavior…allows, or perhaps forces, media to focus on the crucial launch of the House of Representatives’ Obamacare replacement policies, which Trump has endorsed.

And on the president’s ongoing stream of executive orders starting the fulfillment of numerous campaign promises. And on his impressive debut address to Congress.

Trump is calming down. I’ve noticed, and so have others. And it’s not rocket science to suppose that he meant to calm down by this point.

Because now, more than at any other time, is when the media needs to focus on the important issues.

Rather than, mind you, a long series of fluff pieces about how Trump must be so, so bad.

Trump’s con game here is brilliant – no other president has been able to control the media as well as he has.

And he’s using that control not to draw attention to himself, but to force the media to confront the big issues.

Which, mind you, aren’t about Trump, but about our health care, our borders, and our freedoms. And the media is falling for it, and finally doing their jobs.

Never thought I’d say this, but we can finally start listening to the Mainstream Media.

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

Source: McClatchy

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