Sick: CNN’s Disgusting Report ‘Disaster Could Put Obama Appointee In Oval Office’…America Goes Insane!

We’ve talked on many occasions about just how corrupt and bizarre the liberal, mainstream media has been behaving in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory.

It’s no secret they worked especially hard to get Hillary Clinton elected. As shocking revelations came out, exposing her, her campaign, and the Democratic Party of wrongdoing, the complicit media downplayed them or ignored them.

Yet every perceived fault or slight found in Trump — whether real or invented — was covered as major news in an attempt to destroy his reputation.

Now that he is our next President, the media is spinning their wheels, searching for reasons to undermine his leadership.  Perhaps the worst of them all (besides the Huffington Post and NY Times) is CNN, who always seem to drop to new lows.

From Daily Mail:

CNN has been accused of inciting violence against Donald Trump after the network said an Obama appointee would take over if the president-elect was killed at his inauguration.

Wednesday’s startling report, titled ‘Disaster could put Obama appointee in Oval Office,’ speculated on what might happen if Trump, Mike Pence and the Congressional leaders were all killed during the ceremony.

During the segment they also used scenes from ABC show ‘Designated Survivor’, which depicts what would happen if the Capitol building — the venue for Trump’s swearing in — was bombed and the Commander-in-chief killed.

It’s not hard to speculate what CNN was doing. These sick, corrupt, defeated individuals relished in the idea that Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their leadership — men and women selected by our country to lead us — were horribly killed all at once.  This kind of depravity is inexcusable.  It is beyond deplorable.

News channels are expected to speculate on politics and current events. It is a common past time as they fill air time with experts, pundits, and guests. But it usually relates to things that are actually happening, such as an election or the passage of legislation. This strange departure into the macabre is frightening. If I were a psychologist, I’d say they were expressing their deepest, darkest desires.

But the bottom line is CNN has given up its credibility as a network a long time ago. They are now in the business of entertaining their shrinking audience of liberal cronies. That entertainment largely being a fictitious representation of the news.

No wonder they were so quick to fantasize about murder and death.

Source: The Daily Mail

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