Young Boy Hears The President Has Refused To Take A Salary, So He Sends Trump A ‘Special’ Package

There are moments when, no matter how good a person you think you are, you meet someone that puts all your efforts to shame. This is one of those moments.

In this case, though, it’s not someone starting a charity, or a hospital. It’s a small boy, helping the president – by sending him $3.

It was all he had. But better to give all for the good of the country.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

When 9-year-old Eli’sha Davies heard his parents talking about President Donald Trump’s promise to take only $1 of his $400,000 annual salary, he grew concerned.

I thought, how is he going to eat or drink. Or, you know, pay, if he needs to pay his water bill or anything.”

The proud young American wanted to help. Eli’sha retrieved his three $1 bills, put them in an envelope, and sent all the money to his name to the president.

It’s easy to hear a story like this, think ‘aww,’ and then dismiss it as just a cute anecdote.

But even the gospel of Mark makes it clear that the one who gives all he has, even if it’s not much, gives more than the wealthy when they make a big show of their donations. And I’m quite sure we can all think of a few lib celebrities who make a big show of their donations.

But they wouldn’t be giving any of their money away if they only had three dollars. Eli’sha did. It’s a testament to true southern generosity.

It’s not the end of the story, either.

A large envelope arrived from Washington, D.C. — and it was addressed to Eli’sha.

It was a letter from the president. Inside was also the $3 Eli’sha had sent to help Trump pay his bills. Trump thanked the boy for his prayers and generosity, [and] told Eli’sha he was returning his money so he could use it to make a difference in his community.

“I have no doubt you can do anything to which you set your mind. Think big and dream even bigger! You are the future of our great nation.”

The letter was signed by the president. As far as documents go, it’s priceless.

And as far as Eli’sha goes, he was rewarded by local musicians with a brand-new mandolin – an instrument he had been saving for with little success.

See, he kept giving his money away.

May we all be more like Eli’sha.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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