This Black Man Has A Hobby That You Won’t Believe, And Yes It Has To Do With The KKK

The standard reaction of the left to things they don’t like is violence – political, or otherwise. So you’d be forgiven for thinking that someone shocked by the hate in the KKK had become violent against them. Especially if he’s been fighting them for several dozen years.

You’d be wrong. One man has found a much more effective way to silence forever the hatred of the KKK – and it’s way more effective than counter-protests or mace.

He befriends them.

And good God almighty, does it work.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

Decades ago, 58-year-old Blues musician Daryl Davis learned the most effective way to get a Klansman to give up his hood: friendship.

Daryl Davis has a unique hobby. In his spare time, he befriends white supremacists. Lots of them. Hundreds.

He goes to where they live. Meets them at their rallies. Dines with them in their homes. He gets to know them because, in his words, “How can you hate me when you don’t even know me? Look at me and tell me to my face why you should lynch me.”

He also is a collector of KKK robes. He collects them as souvenirs when KKK members decide to give up on racism because of his friendship.

Davis’ method is effective for one simple reason: in most cases, arguing with a firm believer – in anything – is useless. People just don’t change their minds through rational debate, no matter how clear we think the evidence is.

(Anyone who’s ever argued with a liberal will understand this point.)

But when people aren’t debating something, their mental defenses are down. And that’s the perfect time for someone to accidentally soak in new facts, and ultimately change his mind.

Like, for example, the fact that black men and women aren’t genetically inferior to whites.

Davis, a Christian, has met with white supremacists for three decades. He never tries to convert the Klansmen. He simply becomes friends with them and they give up the KKK on their own.

There’s a lesson here, and it’s worth stating clearly – violence, especially leftist violence, doesn’t change minds. It simply kills.

And while there’s people all over the world that need and deserve that violence, it’s not a tactic that will work to cure Hate Groups in the US.

Those guys need nonviolent friendship.

MLK and Davis had it right.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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