What Do Mayor De Blasio, Dead Bodies, And Employee Break Rooms Have In Common? Here’s Your Answer

Subway workers in New York City are sick and tired of having the worst kind of surprise – and when you see what it is, you’ll understand.

This is one of those stories where it’s important that I make one thing clear: I am absolutely not making this up.

NYC subway workers are union, like most NYC city workers. And labor laws are clear – employees must get regularly scheduled breaks. You can’t get around the law. Mayor De Blasio insists.

It’s too bad that there’s another law you can’t get around – when there’s a dead body on the tracks, it must be removed from public eye. Which means it has to be taken to the nearest room available.

Which is why NYC subway workers are sick and tired of dead bodies being left in their break rooms.

(Told you I couldn’t make this up.)

Western Journalism reports:

It happens, on average, between 30-40 times per year: Someone commits suicide by jumping in front of a New York City subway train. Suicides typically represent about half the number of passenger deaths each year.

The suicides are typically gruesome deaths, but some subway workers are complaining about an equally gruesome practice by the Metropolitan Transit Authority – the dead bodies have allegedly been placed in MTA employee break rooms, locker rooms and even employee restrooms.

“They remove the body to the first room available, and it has been going on for years,” said Derrick Echevarria, vice president for the Transport Workers Union Local 100.

It’s difficult to describe just how awful, odd, and sadly hilarious this all is.

Not, mind you, that suicide is funny. It’s decidedly not. But what is somewhat funny is the sad fact that the employees are complaining of this happening multiple times.

Because, for most of us, seeing a dead body even once would be a life-changing, and potentially life-scarring, event.

And yet, for Metropolitan Transit Authority workers, it’s common. So common, in fact, that their wish isn’t never to see another dead body…just not to see another one in their break room.

Subway workers might be a lot tougher than I thought.

LaShawn Jones…walked into a restroom and saw [NYPD] dealing with a dead body.

She quickly left the restroom, but when she returned later, she discovered “hair and scalp and basically body parts” in the sink.

By law, only NYPD can remove the bodies. And that can take hours, unless more staff are hired. Mayor De Blasio hasn’t fixed the situation.

I can see why the MTA workers are fed up.

Source: Western Journalism

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