Libs Just Passed A Terrifying New Bill To Fight “Islamophobia” — But Guess What It Really Does?!

We are living in an age where our freedoms are under attack. Con-artists in government want to destroy freedom of speech and religion, in order to protect what they claim is discrimination.

Really what they are protecting are groups of minorities who pose a real threat to our countries. Groups that openly announce their hatred for the West and daily call for war.

But that hasn’t stopped these liberal politicians from pushing for laws that will destroy free speech.

From Daily Caller:

As Canadian Parliamentarians began to study “Islamophobia” on Monday, the Trudeau government was attempting to rebrand a polarizing motion as fighting “all forms of religious discrimination.”

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Heritage will be studying a motion passed in March of this year that condemns “Islamophobia” and calls the committee to develop a government-wide push against it…

Speaking to the committee, Khalid tried to suggest her motion was really about “a unified approach to systemic racism and religious discrimination” and that she wanted to examine “all forms of it.”

Parliament Hill protesters say how they feel about "Islamophobia" motion M-103. (Photo: The Daily Caller/David Krayden)

However, she has not changed the wording of her potential legislation and it still emphasizes the need to combat “Islamophobia…”

Of the 1,511 Canadians polled, 31 percent opposed the motion because they said it endangers freedom of speech, another 31 percent said passage of the motion was just a symbolic action without “any real impact” and 26 percent called it a waste of time.

Sadly, Canadian does not have an iron-clad Bill of Rights, like the United States. So, it’s much easier for their government to pass laws that violate freedom of speech and religious rights.

A law aimed at fighting “Islamophobia” is really a law that protects just one religion. Anyone that preaches or believes something else—like the millions of Christians and Jews in Canada—would be in danger of violating this law.

After all, they believe something that Muslims find offensive. They can easily twist this law to persecute non-Muslims.

Yet liberals are too stupid to see this. They are so determined to protect perceived “minorities” in their countries, that they don’t mind pushing laws that violate the rights of all people.

This kind of thing is happening in the U.S. as well. Liberal leaders regularly try to put forward the idea of Islamophobia and other forms of “hate speech.” Their end goal is to create policy that violates free speech.

We must not allow them to win. Take a stand for your freedoms. Refuse to bow to any law that violates your free speech and religious rights.

Source: Daily Caller

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