You Won’t Believe Who Just Offered To Resign..Will Trump Let Him?!

Trump’s efforts to Drain the Swamp are becoming more powerful than anyone could have imagined – especially after this particular politician offered to resign.

It’s helpful, mind you, to note that Trump’s disappointment in politics isn’t just because most politicians are corrupt. It’s also because most politicians are simply useless – they get nothing done, after making hundreds of promises.

Which means, simply put, it’s not enough to be honest – you have to be honest, and actually make things happen. And we haven’t had a successful travel ban.

Or any focus in the media on anything other than ‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’ Which might explain why, of all people, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions just offered to resign.

The Daily Caller reports:

The relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reportedly become so strained that the AG offered to resign.

ABC News, citing unnamed sources, reports that the president remains fixated on Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Trump’s anger is allegedly such that he has repeatedly lambasted the Attorney General in private, prompting Sessions to offer his resignation.

The disappointment here comes from one simple fact: Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump looked like they were going to be a Law and Order dream team.

This is the same Sessions who stood on the Mexican border and made a speech proclaiming this age the ‘Age of Trump.’ And all of us cheered, because it was about damn time.

Now he’s offering to resign, because nothing is happening, nothing is getting done, and the world is watching a distracting slideshow with Russian hackers in it.

The president has also publicly expressed frustration over the continued troubles his travel ban has encountered in federal courts, criticizing the Department on Twitter for producing a “watered-down, politically correct” version of his original order, a hastily drafted document that stood little chance of surviving judicial scrutiny.

…the president’s frustration with Sessions has brimmed for months, and these grievances are not new.

Trump isn’t stupid. He’s not going to let Sessions go that easily. Desperate times call for good men, and Sessions, whatever his failings, is still a good man.

But Trump needs more out of him. And, like all good businessmen, it’s a good bet he knows how to get it.

After all, you really don’t want to throw the baby out with the swampwater.

Source: Daily Caller


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