Look Who’s Threatening War Now If Their Ultimatum Isn’t Met

Liberals everywhere thought that there’d be war in the Mideast if Donald Trump won the election. They never know how right, and wrong, they were.

The part they’re right about? The Mideast is, indeed, preparing for war. And given that the US is a peacemaker in the area, it’s a good bet we’ll be involved. That’s the bad part.

The part libs are wrong about? The war isn’t against the United States. Quite the opposite, in fact – it’s on our behalf.

And the craziest thing of all? The country fighting for US security isn’t Israel, as you’d expect. It’s Saudi Arabia – one of the biggest exporters of radical Islamic ideology on earth. Those guys are fighting for us.

Donald Trump is clearly making a difference.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Not long after several countries cut ties with Qatar and enacted a blockade against its shipments, one of the most powerful Arab nations has just issued a serious ultimatum.

“Saudi Arabia gives Qatar 24 hr ultimatum to fulfill 10 conditions that have been sent,” stated Reza H. Akbari from the Institute for Peace and War Reporting.

The indications are that if Qatar ignores those conditions, Saudi Arabia is prepared to take military action.

This is more than simply unbelievable. It’s unheard of. No Arab country has ever gone to war with another Arab country for anything other than sovereignty, and oil rights. Money, basically.

But this war? There’s nothing about money here. The only demands are for – to put it bluntly – what is right, and just.

In fact, Saudi Arabia’s demands are almost tailor-fit for American conservative needs.

Consider a few of them:

1)        Immediate severance of diplomatic relations with Iran;

2)        Expulsion of all members of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas from Qatar;

3)        Freezing all bank accounts of Hamas members and refraining from any deal with them;

4)        Expulsion of all Muslim Brotherhood members from Qatar…

It goes on, and it gets better – no more support for terrorists. No more broadcasting Al Jazeera ‘news.’ It’s incredible.

And all, mind you, after a quick visit from Donald Trump.

It’s a safe bet that Mideast leaders know strength when they see it.

This still doesn’t change one very bad fact – if there’s war, American soldiers will likely be sent overseas. But for those of us who are waiting for the fight against ISIS and Islamic fundamentalism to finally begin, this may be it.

And I’m guessing most of us can’t wait.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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