VA Hospital REMOVED President Trump’s Portrait For SHOCKING Reason…Veterans Are OUTRAGED!

Members of the US Armed Forces stand ready to give their lives at a moment’s notice, should Trump give the order.

It’s a duty that has weighed heavy on almost every president, Obama excepted. And it’s certainly weighs heavy on Trump.

So when a group of men and women who have signed up to serve this country and take orders from our commander-in-chief demand the right to respect him, you would think even liberals would give them the opportunity.

But you would think wrong.

And so it was in West Palm Beach, Florida, where one of the nation’s largest VA hospitals denied the veterans the right to honor president Trump.

Allen West reports:

When you see a federal building anywhere in the country, there will be…pictures of the current president and secretary ultimately in charge of the agency and/or the vice president.

When one U.S. Congressman walked into a VA hospital in his home district and didn’t see the pictures…he decided to correct the situation.

[Florida Congressman and vet Brian Mast] decided to take matters into his own hands. Mast showed up at the hospital personally with the pictures in tow and demanded they be installed.

He and the vets stood by and watched as the empty frames on the walls had the pictures installed.

A VA spokeswoman said that the congressman’s actions and the actions of the veterans who accompanied him were “inappropriate.: She said the portraits have been removed because they have not been “authenticated.”

Now, it should be obvious that this explanation is BS.

In military bases around the country, any picture of Trump that anyone could find was put up in the commander-in-chief’s spot – even Photoshopped pictures of Trump riding a tank. Which, to be clear, are probably not authenticated pictures.

In West Palm Beach, however, apparently you need a DNA test and a long-form birth certificate to prove that you’re one of the most well-known faces and names in American culture.

(And the president of the United States in one of the most historic elections on record.)

So, is this really about protocol? No.

It’s about liberals being upset that they lost. And about them breaking whatever rule they can so they can keep throwing a hissy fit.

Source: Allen West

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