Major U.S. Ally Just Signed An Agreement With The World’s Top Terror Sponsor

Trump is facing more terror threats than any president in history – and some of them are trying to disguise themselves as allies.

There are, if we’re being honest, dozens, if not hundreds, of different terror groups and terror threats around the world, each one ready to attack the US at any time. Trump is a busy man.

Luckily for us, a lot of these terror groups hate each other, and will happily fight one another, rather than fight the US.

Unluckily for us, a lot of these terror groups will try to team up with our allies, and disguise themselves. Which brings me to today’s uncomfortable subject – Iraq, our ally, has signed a major agreement with Iran.

Iran. And it’s an anti-terror agreement, to boot – with the world’s greatest terror exporter.

(I can’t even make this stuff up.)

The Daily Caller reports:

Iraq signed an agreement with Iran Sunday in an effort to increase coordination in fighting “terrorism and extremism,” despite the fact Iran is still considered the world’s top terror sponsor.

Yes, you read that correctly. The world is simply upside down.

The multifaceted agreement provides for increased military cooperation, border security, logistics and other forms of support.

Iraq’s decision to further its partnership with Iran against terrorism comes after CIA Director Mike Pompeo warned in June that Iran is still considered the world’s foremost terror sponsor.

“The world’s foremost terror sponsor.” Iran has more than earned that title. “The influence they have over Baghdad…the increasing strength of Hezbollah…the Houthis in Iran, the Iraqi Shias…Iran is everywhere throughout the Middle East.”

It’s a safe bet that any group in talks with Iran is a terrorist group.

And Iraq just started talks with Iran. Let that sink in.

The worst part? Iran is clearly positioning itself to take credit for all US help and victories in the past few years.

That way, of course, Iraq won’t think US aid is worthwhile at all. And Trump and the US will lose one of their most valuable Mideast footholds.

[Iranian terror sympathizer Qassem Soleimani] was quick to point to the [Iraqi forces] as the major reason for the Mosul victory. The U.S., in comparison, has a much lighter footprint on the ground in Iraq, making it difficult to counter Iran’s growing influence.

In short, while the US helps Iraq, Iran is saying, ‘nah, it’s all you. And just you.’

It’s not long before that message kicks us out of Iraq. And that should worry the hell out of us.

Source: Daily Caller

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