You Won’t Believe Why The Navy Seals Just Had To Cancel Training On U.S. Soil

The best of the best in America’s military were just beaten, and badly. And by a third-world country.

When it comes to America’s armed forces, no one will argue that the toughest among them are the Navy SEALs. They can stay awake for a week. Their training is excruciating, painful, and almost impossible to complete.

So it’s more than just a little alarming when the Best of the Best are pulled from training exercises – and on American soil, no less – for a weapon they simply can’t defeat:

Sewage. Lots and lots of raw and toxic sewage, from Mexico.

Simply put, no amount of training can overcome a dirty bomb.

The Washington Times reports:

Navy SEALs have been forced to change their training, and Border Patrol agents have been sent to the hospital suffering festering rashes from sewage seeping out of Mexico and into Southern California.

The ongoing spill, which one agent likened to a “chemical weapons” attack, has created “no-go” zones for the Border Patrol, hindering their efforts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs that are still coming across.

The latest spurt came late last week when Mexican officials reported a suicide attempt at a pump station in Tijuana and had to shut the facility down. The…shutdown caused sewage to flow into the Tijuana River, leeching 330,000 gallons of wastewater into the U.S.

Mind you, sewage water is no joke. Even if the water is completely free from dangerous chemicals – which it isn’t – it’s still full of every harmful bacteria imaginable.

Human bodies, to be perfectly blunt, produce some of the most dangerous chemicals. And there’s good reason we dispose of them safely, and far away. And if you’re thinking that this is no different than changing a diaper, don’t – the dangers here include long-term diseases like cancer.

“As crude and nasty as this sounds, this is not American sewage, this is Third World sewage,” said Christopher Harris, a Border Patrol agent and director.

“A real big fear for the union is that our guys down the road will suffer from some kind of diseases or genetic changes, or cancer.”

Cancer, for certain, is the biggest long-term worry.

But the biggest short-term worry is that the Border Patrol won’t be able to catch all the illegals taking advantage of the no-go zones, and crossing there.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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