Border Patrol Agents Falling Deathly Sick Because Of Terrifying New Problem At Border

Our border patrol agents are the thin line between America and Mexico. They keep out a large portion of drug dealers and criminals out of our country.

If it weren’t for them, crime would be a lot worse in America. So it’s very important that we keep our border patrol agents in good health so they can do their job.

However,  when human garbage and waste is crossing over into the United States from Mexico, and infecting border patrol agents and military personnel, we have a big problem.

Before you get angry at me, and start calling me racist, let me explain: I’m not speaking figuratively.

Literally speaking, human garbage and waste is crossing the border, and literally infecting US citizens. As toxic waste is prone to do. And one of the biggest sewage spills along the Mexican border shows no sign of being cleaned up soon.

The Daily Caller reports:

GOP California Rep. Duncan Hunter wrote a letter in May to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and head of the EPA Scott Pruitt…[drawing] attention to the massive sewage spill in the Tijuana River that is still moving through San Diego County.

[In the letter] he noted that it’s important to bring attention to the effects on Border Patrol agents and Navy SEAL members, not just the environmental impact of the spill.

For background, this spill goes back all the way to February, and it’s utterly gross.

The [spill] occurred because of the collapse of a major sewage trunk line, and Hunter claims that Mexico is barely doing anything to clean up the mess in the aftermath. Moreover, Mexican officials never even informed the U.S. of the spill.

At least 28 million gallons of raw sewage flowed into the Tijuana River earlier this year, but in actuality, that amount could be as high as 256 million gallons.

Now, sewage seeping across the border is bad enough. The environment doesn’t recover well from that sort of thing.

But the more immediate problem is the way it’s making both Border Patrol agents and military men sick. Hunter’s warning is concerned with them the most, and for good reason – not only are the men themselves sick, but they risk making their families sick. And the loss of their service puts the country in danger.

“I have personally received reports of Border Patrol agents falling ill, being forced to leave their shifts…even putting their families at risk when these agents return home. Additionally, I am aware of critical military operations and exercises in the area being suspended because of the harmful conditions and risk the current spill poses.”

While it might sound like I’m beating a dead horse, I’ll point this out: it’s hard for sewage to cross a giant concrete wall.

Let’s hope that sinks in for the rest of the country.

Source: Daily Caller

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