The President Has Some Huge News About The Border Wall, And He Wants You To Be The First To Know

Donald Trump is not a man to shirk his promises. Despite resistance from insider politicians, he is making good on his plans to make America great again.

That includes the border wall. What? Did you think it was not going to happen? Think again. In fact, some big news was just announced.

... an environmental argument against Trump’s border wall, too. | Grist

From Conservative Tribune:

One of the cornerstones of then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was his oft-repeated promise to “Build that wall!” along the southern border with Mexico to stem the tide of illegal immigration and the illicit trafficking of criminal cartels in drugs, guns and humans.

According to an exclusive report from Breitbart, President Trump’s administration is about to take a big step toward fulfilling that promise with an upcoming announcement to reveal four to eight finalist “prototype” designs for a border wall.

Though no date has yet been set for the announcement or the beginning of construction on the prototype designs, it is expected to occur sometime during the summer and will take place near the border in the vicinity of San Diego, California, with construction of the actual wall to begin sometime in the spring of 2018.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported in early May that 20 different designs would soon be chosen from more than 400 submissions to the Department of Homeland Security for review…

Those specific requirements include the wall being at least 30 feet tall and incapable of being easily scaled over or tunneled underneath, as well as appearing at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Democrats think they can stop Trump from building the wall. If they can obstruct one of his major plans, then it might hurt him come reelection time. But they don’t understand that millions of Americans are behind him and he’s not going to let them down.

Already funds have been allocated to reinforce and build up existing barriers across the border. But the big beautiful wall is underway.

These prototypes are in the process of being designed and built. The federal government will oversee the project and select the best to use.

The fact that the full wall might be built in less than a year is impressive. For all their bellyaching and lies, the democrats have not been able to thwart Trump’s plans.  All they’ve done is prove to Americans that they are the real enemy.

Source: Free Beacon

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