Guess Who Just Refused To Comply With A Subpoena?! And It’s Not Hillary…

If you listen to the Mainstream Media, guys who work for Trump are doing their very best to ignore every subpoena and summons given them. Because, apparently, no one wants to tell the truth about Trump.

Sadly for libs, that logic is about to be turned on its head…and the people who will be exposed are all connected to Hillary. Because – as you may have guessed – a big group of liberals just refused to comply with a subpoena.

Apparently, it won’t be good for business.

Which means that the crooks at Fusion GPS are in business with some very bad people.

The Daily Caller reports:

The opposition research firm behind the Trump dossier says that a subpoena seeking its bank records has a good chance of “ruining” its business, as well as of putting its clients’ safety at risk.

Fusion GPS also argued in a late-night court filing that the subpoena will have a “chilling” effect on the First Amendment and privacy rights of it and its clients.

“Compliance with this subpoena will not only harm Plaintiff’s business, it has a high likelihood of ruining it.”

Maybe I’m supposed to feel pity. But I don’t.

Let’s recap what exactly Fusion’s argument is here. They can’t respond to a subpoena because it might reveal who their clients are…which might put their clients in danger.

Fact is, firms reveal their clients all the time. There’s only a few possible clients they could be trying to hide.

After all, we already know that Russia hired the Podesta Group, while it was working with Hillary Clinton. There are Russian fingerprints all over the Democratic National Committee.

And it’s a good bet that Fusion GPS doesn’t want you to know about them.

Source: Daily Caller

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