‘Something’ Wakes Couple Up, When They Get Out Of Bed To See What It Is Their Jaws Hit The Floor

Get ready to hear something I’ve said at least a dozen times now: the best reason to own a firearm is for self-protection, and for the protection of your family. That, and that alone, trumps most other reasons.

Yes, the 2nd Amendment is necessary, and we should protect against tyrants. But the biggest reason to own and practice with a firearm is because, put bluntly, you never know when someone is going to break into your house.

Today’s story, though, has a twist – this time, no one fires a shot. Which is particularly odd, because by the time the burglar is discovered, the homeowners very clearly have the drop on him.

I guess that’s what happens when a burglar falls asleep on your bedroom floor.

The Daily Caller reports:

An Oregon couple woke up to find a burglar sleeping on their bedroom floor, according to police Wednesday.

Ervin Solomon, 64, told the startled couple that he simply needed a place to sleep after being woken up on their bedroom floor. The woman called 911 around 4:40 a.m. to say that she and her husband found a man sleeping on their floor. The couple escorted the man out of their home.

This is…not the clean getaway Solomon likely planned for.

Or perhaps it is. After all, what better way to burgle someone’s home and get away with it than having the homeowners simply escort you out of the house? And what better way to convince them you’re not dangerous than by looking tired and a little foolish?

This might be one of the most brilliant heists of all time.

They soon realized that many of their valuables were missing. The couple’s electronic devices and wallets were stolen.

Or maybe it just looks like a brilliant heist. Because here is where Solomon makes a stupid mistake.

The police used the Find My iPhone App to locate Soloman three blocks away from their house, hiding underneath a porch. Police also found jewelry, a knife and drug paraphernalia on the alleged burglar.

“He was very much awake by that point.”

Suddenly the ‘brilliant’ part seems like a stretch.

The burglar is in cuffs, and the couple’s property returned. And no one had to fire a shot.

But it’s not likely that your next home invader is going to fall asleep before he leaves. Be prepared.

Source: Daily Caller

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