Shocking — Soldier Kills Terrorist…Instead Of Being Called A Hero, He Gets THIS!

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians continues to heat up.

Those of us living outside of the Middle East might find it difficult to understand the ongoing tensions between these two groups.

Both believe they have a right to the same land.  Both refuse to negotiate or come to reasonable terms, believing the other to be invaders.

And both have deeply held religious beliefs that only further confirm their claim to the land.

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The interference of the international community only makes the issue more complex, as in times past it would have been settled long ago (through war or treaty). 

The hostile nations of the Middle East only add greater problems, as most of them are hostile to Israel, the only democratic state in the region.

This has led to frequent terrorist attacks against citizens and outbreaks of violence.

While the Israeli government works to keep their people safe, they are often forced to make political decisions to appease their neighbors.  Even if those are the wrong decisions.

From Conservative Tribune:

An Israel Defence Force soldier who shot and killed a Palestinian terrorist was sentenced to 18 months in prison this week after Israeli military judges found him guilty of manslaughter last month.

Sgt. Elor Azaria, 21, was given two suspended sentences, one for 12 months and the other for six, and demoted to private for killing Abdel Fattah al-Sharif on March 24, 2016.

The Times of Israel reported on Tuesday that judges handed down the sentence in a case that has divided Israeli society.

The medic reportedly shot Sharif after he was wounded and disarmed in a knife attack on an IDF checkpoint, one of a series of knife attacks committed in Israel last year by terrorists against the Jewish state.

Sharif allegedly stabbed another soldier — a friend of Azaria — and was shot several times during the attack. When Azaria arrived on the scene some 10 minutes later, he shot Sharif in the head, killing him.

Azaria claimed self-defense, and added that he wasn’t certain that Sharif wouldn’t attack again or that he wasn’t wearing a vest containing explosives.

I’m sure most reasonable people would agree Azaria was acting in the right when he shot and killed Sharif.  He was, after all, attacking people at a checkpoint.

Azaria knew the man could have caused greater harm if carrying explosives or other weapons. He could have been a diversion for a larger attack.

In Israeli, terror attacks from Palestinian forces are an almost daily way of life. They cannot afford to be lax in their protection of their land and people. Azaria had to act or more harm could have been done.

Even the people in the court viewed him as a hero, as evidenced by the way they reacted:

So why did the court rule against him? Politics, plain and simple.  There are those in Israel whose opinions are polluted by the liberal, globalist ideology of Europe and the United Nations.

They seem to put the needs of their own people last, in order to appease the pressure from outside forces.  Not wanting to seem unfair to Palestinians — or fearing their reaction — they passed this unjust sentence against a man doing his job.

It is political gaming at its worst. How can Israeli’s soldiers keep their nation safe, if they are afraid of going to jail for doing their job?

Clearly this ruling was meant to intimidate Israeli forces and embolden Palestinians and terrorists in their attacks against the country.

More bloodshed might soon follow.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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