They Caught Her Red-Handed! She Was Leaking Classified Info To…

Trump and the press have been in one particularly heated argument since January 20th –  about whether the Russians, or leaks within DC, are more dangerous. And today we have our answer.

It comes on the heels of yet one more leak. But this one is special – we caught the leaker, red-handed. And it turns out Trump is right, again.

Because the Russian hackers? Unsuccessful. But the leaker herself? Well, she managed to nearly bring down the entire National Security Agency.

Please explain to me how that’s less dangerous than Russian Twitterbots half a world away.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

Just after a media outlet reported on a top-secret document uncovering a Russian attempt to hack the 2016 election, the Justice Department announced it arrested the federal contractor responsible for leaking that information to the outlet.

Authorities arrested 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner on Saturday for mailing the document, which emanated from the National Security Agency.

Now, before anyone starts to freak out about how the Russians nearly got into election software in Florida – nearly, but not successfully – we should go over a few things:

First, this is the NSA we’re talking about. It’s the very group that used to be called, in jest, ‘No Such Agency.’ Meaning that their reputation for secrecy was so good that no one was supposed to know they exist.

And now they’re in the news worldwide, because someone decided to leak a document that they thought could undermine Trump.

Second, the only information in this document is that the Russians tried to influence the election. Which we knew – that was never up for debate. The only issue was whether or not they actually helped Trump, and it’s pretty clear they did not. The electoral college map is very clear.

Third – and this is the most important part – “Winner’s was the first case the Trump administration brought under the Espionage Act.”

Good for Trump. He’s not messing around with people who leak classified government information.

To sum up, we have an entire security agency damaged because of one leak, a leak which tells us nothing we don’t already know, and leaked by an employee with an axe to grind against the president.

Liberals really know how to make scandals out of nothing. But they don’t see when they’re doing real damage to the country.

They never do.

Source: Independent Journal Review


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