Radical Muslims Attack And Beat Christian For What’s Hanging On Rear-View Mirror, His Response Is Epic

While those on the Left continually claim that anyone that doesn’t agree with what they have to say harbors extremist views, they seem incapable of grasping the fact that there are real live extremist views out there to actually be concerned about.

There are plenty of extremists that are hellbent on causing as much damage as possible to those that don’t subscribe to their beliefs, and many of them subscribe to the teachings of Islam.

While the cool kids on the Left worry about safe spaces and group hugs, rational folks remain concerned about the damage that can be wrought by these extremists.

Beyond the obvious fear of a terrorist incident, there are also concerns that these extremists can go off at anytime over the most inconsequential things imaginable.

Mad World News passes along another tale of how that happened in alarming fashion.   

When Tajamal Amar escaped persecution in Pakistan after being shot by Muslims in 2007, he believed that the UK would offer freedom and protection from such oppression.

Unfortunately, Britain has welcomed Muslim migrants, most of whom hold the same belief in Islam’s violent fundamentals.

Although Amar understands that many of the same Muslims claiming to be refugees are just as dangerous as those committing genocide in Islamic countries, he soon realized that there is no escape from the brutality — even in the West.

The British Pakistani Christian Organization (BPCA) reports that a group of Muslim migrants severely beat Amar outside of the Red Chilli restaurant in Derby after noticing that he had a cross hanging from his rearview mirror and remembrance poppies to honor the armed forces displayed on the grill of his silver Toyota.

For expressing his Christian beliefs and respect for the British military members who protect his religious liberties, Amar suffered a broken nose and multiple lacerations to his head and body on October 20, 2017.

By all accounts, Amar did absolutely nothing to inspire the attack. He simply ran across a group of thugs that hold extremist viewpoints, and they beat the daylights out of him because he sees things differently.

To his credit, Amar was undeterred by the attack, and he proved once again that fear and intimidation will not simply make the rest of the world submit to Islamic extremists.

Unbelievably, the horrifying gang-beating, which was meant to intimidate Amar into abandoning his Christian faith, has only strengthened his resolve to express his beliefs.

In an interview, Amar sent a message to his intolerant Muslim attackers, telling them that he will offer even more support for the armed forces and that “nothing will stop me going to church.”

“I fled from Pakistan to escape violence such as this, but more and more the same violence is coming into Britain,” Amar said.

“Freedom of religion should be the right of any British citizen but today I feel unsafe, even then nothing will stop me going to church. I will pray for my attackers and hope they will change their hard-line approach to faith which is very dangerous for our society.”

We wish Amar well in his prayers, but the harsh reality is that his attackers won’t be changing their ways anytime soon.

Hence, the best course of action is to stop attempting to fit these square pegs into round holes.

Hugs and safe spaces have yet to prove they are effective deterrents to extremism, and anyone that suggests that they are really needs to spend some time outside of the echo chamber.

Source: Mad World News

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