Americans Horrified That $58 Trillion Is Needed For An Insane Liberal Agreement

Liberals like to spend other people’s money. Or, put another way, ‘liberals like to spend money they don’t have.’

That’s a bad thing, of course. But it’s still far better than the worst-case scenario of leftist governance – having libs spend money that no one has. It’s what happens when you spend everyone else’s money…and then keep spending.

Libs have hit that awful target a few times in history, and it’s never been good for the country. But those times have always involved a combination of expensive liberal pet causes. There’s never been a time when just one pet liberal cause brought the US to bankruptcy.

Until now.

Because the Paris Climate Accords is going to cost us – I’m serious – $58 trillion dollars.

Thank God Trump got us out of it.

The Daily Caller reports:

The world needs to triple annual investment in green energy technology to keep global warming within the bounds of the Paris climate accord. Yearly investments in green energy need to hit $2.3 trillion over the next 24 years, [and] $58 trillion needs to be invested in green energy technologies.

The news comes courtesy of the fine…erm, ‘conservative’ minds at none other than Stanford University.

Thanks, gentlemen. I’m certain that a group of university liberals will be absolutely truthful about how much we need to spend on a fake problem, and how much of other people’s money and work will be necessary.

But before I point out that Global Warming has been debunked on quite a massive scale, consider this: the $58 trillion price tag that the Stanford boys are giving the US is only going to affect global warming in the tiniest way possible.

That $58 trillion over a quarter century is what energy experts claim is needed to keep future global warming below 2 degrees Celsius by 2100, which is the goal laid out in the Paris climate accord.

That’s right. Nearly $30 trillion dollars per one degree Celsius. Or, I don’t know…you could just wear shorts. That seems like the more financially responsible thing to do.

Libs, on the other hand, choose the $30 trillion…twice. Instead of shorts. These are not the finest financial minds the country has to offer.

Thankfully, Trump has actually ran a successful business…or two. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t make quarterly goals by paying money for degrees Celsius.

Maybe the boys at Stanford should try to run a business.

Source: Daily Caller

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