What? Police Officers Forced To Learn How To Give Muslims Special Treatment…This Is No Joke!

Radical Islam is taking over European police. And liberals and the left are helping it along.

Liberals revere Saul Alinsky, and his tactic for infiltrating and corrupting entire systems of government is by now well-known to conservatives and true historians.

And, while it might seem that the greatest weapon radical Islam has is the suicide bomber, or the mass shooter, the truth is far more destructive and sinister – the religion of death and destruction is being helped along by radical liberal ideology.

And, in this case, the fact is that the radical liberals make the laws, and are forcing the rest of us to comply.

The UK Express is reporting that policemen in Brussels are being forced to undergo sensitivity training for Muslims, as part of an eight-hour indoctrination course that teaches law enforcement the ‘right’ way of handling Islamists in Belgium.

That’s right – the nation that faced, and still faces, deadly attacks from radical Islam is now being forced to learn how to be nice to the very people that want to bomb them into oblivion. We’re not making any of this up.

The Express reports: “Brussels police will be forced to take lessons on Islam to help foster ‘respectful relations’ with Muslim communities in the Belgian capital.

Under the new initiative labelled ‘Conflict management or how to avoid difficulties when dealing with Muslims’, officers will undertake an eight-hour module examining the religion and study the history of immigration into Belgium from 1960 to the present.

Brussels authorities have added the new scheme on top of the existing COPPRA training, an EU funded project designed to equip officers on the ground to prevent and spot radicalisation.”

My favorite part about all this is easily the eight hours spent studying “the history of immigration” of Islam. They come, they conquer, they take over. Simple. How does one stretch that out into eight hours?

In case liberals have forgotten, Brussels is the same city that was attacked in March of last year by ISIS, a bombing that left 32 dead and set a record for the deadliest attack in the city’s history. It followed the Paris attacks, and the countless others that radical Islam has been bringing to Europe and America’s shores for decades. The correct response to this invasion is resistance, and counterstrike. Not – for the love of God – sensitivity training.

I’d say liberals are fools for doing this, but the truth is worse – they’re on the side of the Islamists, and they want them to win. Conservatives, be on guard – and thank God for president Trump.

Source: Joe for America

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