Pentagon Announces Major Decision About The Nuclear “Football”

We know that with Donald Trump as President, things are being done much differently.

That’s not just because we now have a president that actually cares about Americans. We have a president that is working to do his job. We have a president that wants to fulfill his campaign promises. We have a president that is not politically correct and can speak his mind.

But we also have a president that was a rich, fabulous, celebrity. So things are done a bit differently with his administration.

Because of his gravitas, President Trump can get away with saying and doing things most politicians can only dream of. His skills at the art of the deal have already helped him secure agreements with foreign nations and big businesses.

Not the kind of thing Obama was ever able to do.

Now we are learning that even important objects are getting special treatment under the Trump administration.

The Pentagon is reportedly close to signing a lease inside the Trump Tower in New York.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a letter sent from the Pentagon to a Democrat member of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees, the Department of Defense confirmed that the nuclear “football” is getting its own special secured room at Trump Tower for when the president returns to New York, Reuters reported…

Far from the kind of football thrown around by Messrs. Brady and Kaepernick, the nuclear “football” is a a device that contains both the codes to launch a nuclear attack and secure communications devices in the event of a nuclear emergency.

Imagine that. The special device that holds the most important codes will be getting its own room in Trump tower. Celebrities and VIP’s work all their lives to afford a room at one of Trump’s establishments. But this special football will be getting this treatment all its own.

Now if you are wondering if the President would be getting any of the money from this arrangement, think again.

“We are not aware of any means through which the President would personally benefit from a Government lease of this space,” McStavic added.

Once entering office, Trump relinquished his business holdings so there would be no conflict of interest. However, considering he has access to Trump Tower (obviously), keeping special resources like the football nearby is just common sense.

Now if there was only a way I could get a room…

Source: Conservative Tribune

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