Muslim Refuses To Take Off Hijab For Screening, Airport Security Has 4 Words For Her

Time and again we are learning that Islamic practices are incompatible with Western society.

While they are afforded all the same rights and freedoms as others, they frequently refuse to show the same level of respect and consideration they demand for themselves.

This is true in cases of freedom of speech. In the United States they enjoy complete and unhindered freedom to express their opinions and religious faith, without fear of reprisal from the government.

Yet when a non-Muslim dares speak up, not only are many Muslims offended, but the call they cops on them!

We also see this in Muslim-controlled countries in the Middle East.  While they want to enter the same prosperity and economic success as the West, they deny basic rights to their citizens, with many countries denying women equal privileges to men.

This is even true in very common situations, like security checks at airports. Consider airports, the most sensitive operations in modern society. They are frequent targets of terrorist attacks.

So it is understandable that all travelers submit to the same kind of screening, to ensure the safety of everyone.

But apparently not if you’re a Muslim woman.

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From Mad World News:

Adzkia was passing through security at Rome, Italy’s Ciampino Airport on her way to London when officers asked her to remove her hijab. The angry traveler believed the request to be discriminatory against Muslims and did not hesitate to make a ruckus over it, as Coconuts Jakarta reports…

As the Sun reports, the female security official explained, “You are not safe,” adding, “You could hide something in your hair. If you don’t take it off, we do not know if there’s something inside, okay? You are not safe for us…”

She also claims that she witnessed Catholic nuns passing through security without removing their religious headgear. Of course, she didn’t manage to capture a video or even a picture of this alleged injustice, which really calls the truthfulness about it into question.

As someone that frequents airports, I can tell you that a basic requirement is to remove your shoes and hats while passing through security. This is a simple process so that security agents can make sure you’re not smuggling anything secretly.

Consider that many Muslims — as well as Christians and others — travel through airports every day. They are all subject to this basic screening. Why should this one woman be exempt on religious grounds?

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Yet this is another excuse for someone to attempt to create manufactured outrage over nothing. No doubt empty-headed liberals went on a tirade over the incident, only further confirming their delusion that Muslims are being persecuted.

The fact is, this woman made a stink over nothing, causing delays and frustration for every other traveler in line. We know that it was nothing, because she subsequently removed her tweets and Facebook posts about it. I’m sure enough people pointed out her stupidity.

But despite all her bellyaching, she had to remove her hijab, just like every other Muslim traveler in the world:

In the end, Adzkia finally admitted defeat:

“Later in the evening, I booked a ticket to London flying from Fiumicino airport. During the security check the security officials also insisted I take off my hijab. This time I agreed because I wanted to prove to them that I have nothing to hide and that I am not a terrorist.”

You know, had she just done that in the first place, she could have avoided all the drama. She could have even gone on with her day without delays.

Yet we see, once again, that liberal victimizing of Muslims have given them a sense of entitlement that they don’t deserve. A sense of entitlement that makes them believe they should receive special treatment.

Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

Source: Mad World News

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