The Reason Why A Muslim Teen Almost Beat This Woman To Death In Public Will Keep You Up At Night

For years immigrants have come to countries and effectively embraced a new way of life. Not anymore.

Millions of migrants from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have flooded the West. They come for economic handouts, yet they refuse to assimilate to their new homes.

We’re not talking about eating new foods or accepting a new religion. We’re talking about basic, decent behavior. Behavior they are unwilling to adopt.

From Conservative Tribune:

A veiled Somali asylum-seeker beat an Austrian woman so badly that she was forced to go to the hospital, and all because she didn’t like her pets.

The victim’s pets were dogs…

The veiled woman — an 18-year-old refugee — insisted to the middle-aged-woman that “the animals (were) unclean,” and then she brutally attacked. But she did not strike the dogs. She went for Ingrid.

As Ingrid recalled, her attacker “grabbed me, spun me around and scratched me” until both women went down.

The belligerent young woman would not be removed until three men worked in concert to get her off of Ingrid, who told Kronen Zeitung that the assault left her unable to feel her legs.

Her injuries were so extensive that doctors had to completely replace one of her knees.

The asylum seeker’s husband was reportedly heard saying, “We don’t want dogs  — they are filthy!”

Oh, they’re filthy! So that justifies beating an innocent woman.

You really have to be suspicious of a group that hates man’s best friend. I mean, what kind of soulless, depraved person hates a creature that simply exists to make humans happy?

What crazed individual thinks it’s acceptable to attack a neighbor, because of her pets?

You also have to wonder why Austria and other European nations are allowing this to happen. This is just one of many cases where Muslims migrants are attacking native citizens. It’s clear they are unwilling to assimilate and are endangering the lives of everyone else.

Nor do they seem to love their new countries.

Um, shouldn’t they be sent back from where they came?

It seems European leaders are unable to accept this fact.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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