Whoa: The Truth Behind Mosques In America Exposed…Trump Is Furious!

Violent extremist Muslims are furious that Stephen Bannon is in the White House. The rest of us, though, should be rejoicing.

Bannon’s bold moves to strengthen Trump’s executive orders on immigration have already sent liberals in a frenzied, mindless panic. But Bannon isn’t just backing the president – he knows and understands the threat America faces from Sharia law, and he’s prepared to deal with it. After all, he’s been interviewing and studying experts on the subject for years.

And the biggest expert of all? Former FBI agent John Guandolo, the agency’s most respected teacher and scholar of Islamic jihad in the United States. And he has a dire warning for the rest of us – Sharia is almost here, and our elected officials are ignoring it.

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Breitbart News reports: “Special Agent John Guandolo argued that the ‘vast majority’ of the 2,200 Islamic organizations, centers, and mosques in the United States are a part of a broader ‘Jihadi network’ intent on imposing Sharia Law in America.

Guandolo told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that the San Bernardino terrorist, the UC Merced stabber, the Chattanooga shooter, and the Boston Bombers can all be traced back to such Islamic Centers where ‘they were supported and trained.’”

Guandolo’s interview goes on, and he makes clear that all of these Islamic Centers were being supported by low-profile Muslims working with the Obama administration. In many cases, those very Muslims were the ones deciding policy.

Guandolo is no dummy – he made two separate training programs for the FBI on the Jihadi network in the US. But that was back when Obama was president.

And, predictably, nothing happened. Guandolo told Breitbart, “someone who had been in the FBI and counterterrorism for over 14 years was so angry that he ‘had never heard of the information you are putting out here.’ When he asked others in audience from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies to ‘raise your hand if you knew this… zero hands went up.’

‘That right there is the issue,’ he said, adding that he has even briefed three- and four-star generals who had also been clueless. ‘They don’t know it.’”

Bannon has been interviewing Guandolo for years, thankfully. And while it’s clear that Trump understands the threat (and Obama didn’t), having Bannon right by his side is a great thing. If ever there was a need for two leaders to understand the network of threats and subversive teachings that could bring America down, it’s now.

Source: Breitbart

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