Media Reports Fallen Soldiers Were ‘Left Behind’ In Niger, Mattis’ Response Leaves Reporters Speechless

The mainstream press has gone completely off the rails a countless number of times since President Donald Trump took office, but journalistic standards have taken another brutal beating over the past week.

Members of the press are doing all that they can to politicize the deaths of four Green Berets in Niger earlier this month. That’s disturbing enough in and of itself, but the way that the press has been conducting itself is nothing short of mind blowing.

We’ve seen the reporting over the incident devolve into just the latest dose of gossip that you would find in a seedy tabloid.

There has been an unconscionable amount of reporting about what was said on personal condolence call to the widow of one of the victims, as well as a ton of irresponsible speculation about the details surrounding the incident.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has responded to some of the speculation first-hand, and the way he did so was incredibly telling.


The Independent Journal Review has the details.   

Secretary of Defense James Mattis responded sternly to speculation from critics over whether any of the fallen soldiers in Niger may have been “left behind” by the Trump administration.

“In this specific case, contact was considered unlikely. But there’s a reason we have U.S. Army soldiers there and not the Peace Corps, because we carry guns. And so it’s a reality, it’s part of the danger that our troops face in these counterterrorist campaigns,” Mattis said.

Mattis was visibly annoyed with the reporters he was addressing, and it’s not too hard to see why.

The deaths of the troops are being glossed over, and the press is doing its darndest to make the situation into yet another anti-Trump talking point.

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But Mattis’s most memorable line came when he responded to “news reports” that speculate on whether everything possible was done to save the fallen military heroes.

“One point I would make having seen some of the news reports: The U.S. military does not leave its troops behind,” Mattis said bluntly.

“And I would just ask you not question the action to the troops who were caught in the firefight and question whether or not they did everything they could in order to bring everyone out at once.”

For Mattis – and everyone else that is incredibly disturbed by the media’s behavior in regards to this story – there’s some small solace that can be taken here instead of wasting any mental capacity on the warped intentions of the press.

The actions of the mainstream press have become incredibly transparent since Trump took office. As such, people are buying what they have to say less and less.

The press would be wise to realize that before it’s too late. Failure to do so will result in even more formerly relevant publications and outlets wondering what happened as their descent into irrelevancy reaches the bottom.

Lines are being crossed by the mainstream press all the time, and we can add this one to the top of the list as one of the biggest missteps to date.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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