You Won’t Believe Which Liberal Was Caught Evicting Disabled Americans

If the libs in America practiced what they preached, conservative Americans wouldn’t have any problem with them at all. But they don’t. It’s not their message – it’s the hypocrisy.

Consider it for a moment – the biggest leftist celebrities are often the wealthiest. And they usually donate a lot of money, but to ridiculous causes – bald eagle eggs get funding from liberals, but Americans in need do not.

What if money went to the poor, or built houses for America’s homeless, or supported veterans, or did any real, concrete good for Americans in trouble? Would their liberal views aggravate conservatives as much? Of course not.

Which brings me to Bernie Sanders. And his wife, who is under investigation by the FBI. And who, we’ve discovered, has been busy trying to kick disabled people out of their homes.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Jane Sanders, wife of independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, is reportedly under investigation by the FBI for potential bank fraud related to a massive loan she procured to purchase land for the now-defunct Burlington College when she served as president of the school from 2004 to 2011.

Now Sanders has come under additional fire as more information regarding that land deal has been exposed, namely her alleged attempt to evict several disabled individuals living in a group home on the land that had been obtained from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, according to records obtained by conservative non-profit watchdog Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch needs no introduction. Their work on bringing the hidden Clinton emails to light, and the Comey memos to light, have helped expose liberal hypocrisy time and again.

And they’ve definitely exposed Sanders.

Those records, which included email correspondence involving Sanders, revealed that the terms of the deal included a provision requiring Sanders and the school to negotiate a transfer of the group home occupants to a new location, but that Sanders instead simply sought to evict them from the property without first arranging for them to be transferred elsewhere.

In short, the deal was simple – find the disabled occupants a new home, and then transfer them.

Jane Sanders, though, just evicted them. Not a great move for the wife of someone who made a political killing promising to help those in need.

It’s almost as if all that Sanders talk was just that – talk.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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