After Months Of Silence, Jeb Bush Makes STUNNING Confession About Trump — WOW!

With the historic election of Donald Trump, the American people made it clear they are ready for a radical change in our government.

For far too long the country “by the people and for the people” has been anything but. We have had leaders in D.C. and in every state that looked after their own interests, instead of listening to the people.

They have manipulated citizens for votes, only to forget about them once they’ve taken office.

Even politicians’ rhetoric is cleverly crafted in order to protect their image. Rarely do they say or do anything of substance.

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Americans were so fed up with this kind of behavior that we elected a bold, decisive, no-nonsense leader to the White House. President Trump has shaken up Washington and will continue to do so in big ways.

It’s why even conservatives were against the man during the election. It wasn’t because they thought he wasn’t right for the job, but that his leadership would destroy decades of insider games.

So of the most prominent republican leaders and families refused to support the man, even going out of their way to attack him.

Now that he’s president a few of those rivals are trying to claw their way back into the limelight.

From IJR:

During an interview with “Facing South Florida,” former governor and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush opened up about President Donald Trump.

Bush began by making a point of illustrating what he believes President Trump has done well, saying:

“The president has made some really good appointments. He’s acted decisively in some areas that I think are important, particularly on the regulatory side.”

But Bush quickly shifted to addressing some of the common criticisms of the new president while attempting to avoid directly criticizing Trump:

“He hasn’t shifted to being president in the way that people are used to, and I think that’s the problem, I would say.”

“The strength is that he’s acted in a good way and lifted people’s spirits in terms of economic growth and job creation. But he’s a distraction in and of himself by creating all of these, through Twitter and…”

Sorry, Jeb, but if we were interested in what you had to say, you wouldn’t have crashed and burned in the primaries.

The Bush family was obviously shocked that Trump came out of nowhere to destroy Jeb’s chances at the presidency. And thank God for that.

Jeb would not have been able to beat Hillary, and if he had, he would be the same, tired politician that we’ve seen for the last thirty years.

Just read over his words concerning Trump. It sounds like the same, empty rhetoric professional politicians use all the time.

He’s not saying enough to commit himself to any one stance; he just waffles with his opinion of Trump. Why? Because if he really spoke his mind, it might hurt his future political career.

Blah. There is a reason why Trump destroyed all his competition. It’s largely thanks to his honest, often brutally so, statements.

He’s not afraid to take the bull by the horns. His boldness has turned D.C. upside down.

Men like Jeb just can’t compete with that and even criticize it. But guess what? Jeb’s not president.

Source: IJR

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